NuPhy Keyboard Article Reviews in July 2023

Field75 mechanical keyboard for gamers

NuPhy’s Field 75 Is A Gaming Keyboard For Macs And PCs | By Mark Sparrow

"NuPhy Field75 is an excellent mechanical gaming keyboard. It’s an ideal keyboard for writers who spend all day typing. The keycaps are well made and the switches feel excellent. You can easily swap the switches for a different feel. If you want a top-flight gaming keyboard for your Mac or PC, Field75 is a superb choice."

NuPhy Field75 review: wireless keyboard is wondrously tactile | By 

75 layout wireless mechanical gaming keyboard


"NuPhy Field75 is a gaming keyboard with a unique design and one of the best typing experiences in the gaming market. The tactile Fleeting Gold switches feature a larger bump compared to Cherry MX Browns, offering extra smooth to strike a perfect middle-ground between typing and gaming. Additionally, the eight extra buttons are customizable. Thick-walled PBT keycaps enhance durability and provide a satisfying solidity under the fingertips."

NuPhy Field75 mechanical keyboard for gaming

The Ultimate Desk for Creators | By Jason Vinson

"NuPhy Field75 keyboard has a few key features that help speed up my workflow. There are a set of custom keys that are programmable. Another feature I really love is the little dial switch where I can easily switch the keyboard from 2.4G to Bluetooth or USB connection. And I can move my keyboard from one computer to another with the turn of a switch."

NuPhy Field75

NuPhy Field75 review | By Sébastien Vandeborre

"Field75 is a 75% layout keyboard. Similar to the traditional TKL layout, it lacks a numeric keypad, but it's even more compact. The keycaps are made of double-shot PBT, and NuPhy adopts the traditional Cherry profile, which is popular. Field75 gaming keyboard comes with four switch variants: Polaris (light linear) and Fleeting Gold (light tactile) switches, both pre-lubricated and with a short total travel distance, along with Cherry Speed Silver and Cherry Ergo Clear switches."

Field75 wireless gaming keyboard


The NuPhy Halo96 Is a Great Mechanical Keyboard for Mac Users | By Stacey Butler

"NuPhy Halo96 is hot-swappable, you can change the switches easily without de-soldering. The Rose Glacier switches are super fun to type on, although they are not clicky switches, there is a lot of auditory feedback from these as the keycap bottoms out. The RGB Lights are are very aesthetically pleasing. All in all, Halo96 is an excellent quality keyboard, if you are looking for a mechanical keyboard with a number pad, get the Halo96."

Halo96 mechanical keyboard with numpad

NuPhy Field75 review: the mechanical gaming keyboard you don't expect | By Lorenzo Delli

"NuPhy Field75 is a hot-swappable NKRO mechanical keyboard with a 75% layout. Its durable double-shot PBT keycaps, following the Cherry profile, excel for gaming and typing. The Cherry RGB Ergo Clear switches offer tactile feedback while typing, akin to some faster linear switches. The polling rate maintains a consistent 1,000 Hz, whether wired or Wi-Fi mode, underscoring its gaming prowess. Overall, Field75 performs impressively well, making it a reliable tool for both work and leisure throughout the day."

75% mechanical keyboard for gaming

 NuPhy Field75 mechanical keyboard review

"NuPhy Field75 is a high-quality mechanical keyboard with a unique design. It includes interesting features like noise isolation, lubrication, and three connection methods: wired, radio, and Bluetooth. The Cherry Speed Silver switches with moderate force and an early actuation point is suitable for gamers and typists."

Field75 low latency wireless mechanical gaming keyboard
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