NuPhy Keyboard Article Reviews in June 2023

Best mechanical keyboards in 2023 | By Chandraveer Mathur

"NuPhy Air75 is a portable mechanical keyboard that offers wireless and wired connectivity options. It features a unique low-profile design and Gateron low-profile switches, which retain Cherry MX cross-stem design, making it easy to find replacement keycaps. Additionally, Air75 is hot-swappable, allowing you to switch out other low-profile switches."

NuPhy Air75 wireless laptop keyboard

NuPhy’s Air96 Is The Best Compact Mechanical Keyboard With A Numeric Keypad | By Mark Sparrow

 "NuPhy Air96 is a top-notch full-size mechanical keyboard that offers a compact design and includes a numeric keypad. The keyboard boasts exceptional PBT keycaps, captivating backlights and sidelights. What sets this keyboard apart is its versatility, seamlessly working with both Windows and macOS operating systems, plus Android, Linux, and iOS."NuPhy Air60 low-profile mechanical keyboard for Mac and Windows

The Most Customizable Keyboards | By Marc Storch

"NuPhy Air75, a keyboard designed with gamers in mind, prioritizing mobility and portability. Not limited to desktop use, Air75 can also serve as a laptop keyboard replacement. Although Air75 comes pre-built, the keyboard is hot-swappable, it is equipped with the best low-profile mechanical switches, ensuring an enjoyable typing experience."

NuPhy Air75 low-profile mechanical keyboard for Mac and Windows

NuPhy Field75 review: Industrial Funtimes | By Tammy Rogers

"NuPhy Field75 enters the realm of gaming keyboards, though personal preferences may vary, this keyboard's appearance could be considered superior to those of Asus and Razer. The delightful auditory experience of the keyboard is achieved through the combination of the linear switches and durable PBT keycaps. Notably, NuPhy’s Ghostbar is an innovative silicon-inserted space bar that gives the bar a deeper sound, making it sound and feel less hollow."NuPhy Field75 wireless mechanical gaming keyboard

NuPhy Air75 wireless mechanical keyboard review | By Kenneth Woodham

“NuPhy Air75 is a low-profile wired or wireless mechanical keyboard that boasts a 75% layout and hot-swappability. It provides users with a multitude of connectivity options. My Air75 uses Gateron Red mechanical switches, which feature reduced space for keystroke movement prior to reaching the bottom. Moreover, the keycaps are crafted from PBT, ensuring a nice typing experience without the dreaded shine.”
NuPhy Air75 75% wireless mechanical

NuPhy Air96 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review: Low Profile Enthusiast Keys | By Christopher Coke

"If you need a low-profile keyboard with a numpad, NuPhy Air96 is an excellent choice. It features high-quality PBT keycaps, which is a denser plastic compared to ABS used on most low-profile keyboards, leads to deeper typing sounds and a more substantial tactile sensation. While Air96 isn’t designed to be a gaming keyboard, its remarkable wireless connectivity ensures a seamless gaming experience." wireless low-profile mechanical keyboard

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