NuPhy Keyboard Article Reviews in May 2023

NuPhy Air60 review: compact, stylish keyboard is perfect for Macs | By Kerrie Hughes

NuPhy Air60 is an incredibly small and quiet mechanical keyboard. It's lightweight and small, making it the perfect companion for travelers who use tablets or smartphones. I've used it alongside my 2020 MacBook Air, it's quite an enjoyable experience. The Bluetooth mode is simple, reliable, and presented little to no latency or reconnection issues.
Air60 low-profile mechanical keyboard for Mac and Windows



Best gaming keyboard 2023: Digital Foundry's picks | By Will Judd

NuPhy Halo96 wireless mechanical keyboard features a compact full-size ANSI/US layout and optional RGB back/edge-lighting. Moreover, it ensures full Mac/Windows compatibility with wired and wireless connectivity. The keyboard boasts hot-swappable functionality, I personally enjoy the Rose Glacier switches, they offer a significantly enhanced tactile response than standard MX Brown tactile switches - great for typing, but also for RTS games and other genres that require precise key accuracy.

Halo96 Bluetooth mechanical keyboard for Mac and Windows

NuPhy Halo96 [Halo65, Halo75] Keyboard Review | Kelsey Linhares, Gregory Vodden, and John Peroramas

NuPhy Halo96 is a compact (96%) wireless mechanical keyboard that features a high-profile design with a strip of RGB lighting that wraps around the case. With a range of NuPhy or Gateron tactile or linear switches and hot-swappable PCB, the keyboard allows you to effortlessly customize your typing experience by seamlessly swapping between your preferred switches.
Halo96 wireless mechanical keyboard



The best mechanical keyboards right now, from compact to full-size | By Lena Borrelli, and Taylor Clemons

NuPhy Air75 is a highly adaptable wireless mechanical keyboard that  works nicely with Windows, Mac, and Android laptops. Its triple-mode connectivity enhances productivity, while its construction and auditory feedback provide a unique experience. The keyboard is lightweight and portable, allowing for easy transportation without compromising on functionality. 

Air75 low-profile mechanical keyboard


NuPhy Air96 keyboard offers a variety of low-profile switches, I particularly enjoyed the tactile feel of the Daisy key switches, which had a satisfying and crisp sound without being overly noisy. The low profile keycaps provided great comfort for long typing sessions. During my testing, pairing NuPhy Air96 wirelessly was a breeze, there was no delay while typing, even when waking my Mac from sleep. 

NuPhy Air96 mechanical keyboard

7 travel gadgets for productivity on the road | By Paul Mah

"NuPhy Air60 is an ultra-slim mechanical keyboard designed for the road. Without sacrificing typing comfort, this 60 percent keyboard maintains a laptop-like footprint. Similar to most good mechanical keyboards, Air60 offers the option of swappable keyboard switches, catering to individual preferences for quietness, tactile feedback, or loud clicks when typing."
60 percent mechanical keyboard for the road
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