NuPhy Keyboard YouTube Reviews in July 2023

NuPhy Field75 mechanical gaming keyboard

NuPhy Air96 is Hiding Something

"Air series focuses on a compact light form factor with numerous features like hot swap switches, custom keycaps, and a comprehensive layout. There are a lot of RGB presets. Air96 has new double-shot PBT keycaps, making the keyboard look more elegant than its predecessor. It is a really good low-profile mechanical keyboard, definitely worth a look."



Even with a gaming keyboard, I want to stick to the feeling of keystrokes! Select NuPhy Field75 switches for faster reaction times!

"Field75 Gaming Keyboard by NuPhy is packed with various gaming elements, providing a mechanical and sturdy feel. It features a 75% compact layout, mechanical keys, and is compatible with Mac and Windows. It supports wired and wireless connections, has RGB backlighting, and offers 8 customizable buttons for gaming. The PBT double-shot keycaps enhance the typing experience and sound quality. If you want a high-quality gaming keyboard, this might be the one for you."



NuPhy Air60 Review - Is Smaller Better?

"NuPhy Air60 is a compact mechanical keyboard with three Bluetooth 5.0 connections, a 2.4 GHz wireless receiver, and a wired USB-C connection. It features individual key RGB lighting. Overall, it is an great choice for a 60% low-profile mechanical keyboard with a nice typing  feel and experience, especially if you frequently pair it with a laptop."


I couldn't stand this emotion. This is the first time I've seen a gaming keyboard design like this! NuPhy Field75



NuPhy Field75 Review - EVERYTHING you need to know!

"Field75 is the first gaming-centric mechanical keyboard from NuPhy. It uses durable PBT material keycaps in Cherry profile, suitable for gaming. The Fleeting Gold switch offers slightly better tactile feedback than Gateron Brown switch. The 8 macro keys are customizable via NuPhy Console. I've been using the keyboard for competitive Valorant for weeks, and it's reliable with 2.4ghz wireless frequency, also supporting 1000hz like wired mode."



NuPhy Field75 Review & Unboxing - My New Gaming Keyboard

"NuPhy Field75 is the best 75% mechanical gaming keyboard I have ever used. The build quality is fantastic; it's rock solid. The performance is there, lightning quick for games. I bought top-of-the-line Razer, Corsair, even have a couple of Logitech, and still, I didn't get this level of build quality and this experience."



 How to make the iPad your personal computer

"The keyboard that my iPad now paired with is NuPhy Field75, a mechanical gaming keyboard that offers a volume control knob, simultaneous connection to four devices, an absolutely stunning design, and, above all, incredible typing comfort."



NuPhy challenges the gaming keyboard market with Field75! NuPhy Field75 Gaming Keyboard Reviews

"Field75 is a gaming keyboard with a mechanical-like vibe. It features volume control buttons and a small gear button for RGB effects and brightness adjustment. It offers convenient connection options with a switch for easy switching between 2.4GHz, Bluetooth, and wired connections. The Polaris switch delivers a unique and satisfying typing experience with a slightly crisp and cool sound. Overall, Field75 is a high-quality gaming keyboard with a distinctive design, enjoyable typing experience, and various customization options. It is a keyboard for those who prefer 75% layouts and require extremely fast response times, making it suitable for gaming and regular use."



ASMR VERY RELAXING KEYBOARD SOUNDS & WHISPERS lots of typing, NuPhy Field75 unboxing & review

"NuPhy Field75 is the gaming keyboard I highly recommend, it features the knob, tri-mode, PBT keycaps, ultra-low latency, volume control knob, 100 mAh battery and USB hub for mouse. It is compatible with Mac and Windows. I love the GhostBar, which has no obnoxious glocky noise. All the keys sound wacky, nice, and of good quality. "



 Everyone told me to get this keyboard... so I did

"It's NuPy Halo75, this keyboard is more colorful than I expected. First Impressions: this thing is heavy, and what a fancy wrist rest; it's pretty cool. You can swap between Windows and Mac and more tri-mode wireless. These keycaps are really crisp, and these colors pop. Super cool RGB side glow; and the silicone bar under the space bar is supposed to make it sound better."



"This is a brand new NuPhy Field75 wireless mechanical keyboard, one of the cleanest keyboards I've seen. It has a metal handlebar, volume control knob, 70s dip mode switch, and RGB lighting. The keyboard not only looks really nice, but it's equally nice to type on."


NuPhy Field75, NuPhy's New Keyboard

"Among keyboard enthusiasts, Field75 is a highly anticipated keyboard with exceptionally unique design. Notably, it features a volume control knob and a switch for toggling between wired and wireless or Bluetooth mode. Additionally, it has a switch for controlling RGB lighting, and eight buttons dedicated to key mapping. The typing experience is excellent, and Polaris switch is dedicatedly developed for gaming. The GhostBar, the best spacebar I've tried for typing, is extremely sturdy and free from rattling sound."



Why this is the BEST keyboard_ NuPhy Field75 review

"NuPhy Field75 keyboard provides a clean and minimalistic look with its 75 layout. It feels so good to type on the Polaris switches, especially with this creamy spacebar.The keyboard features Bluetooth and 2.4G connectivity, eight programmable buttons for customization, and a volume adjuster. The metal plate at the back prevents keyboard movement when typing or gaming."


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