NuPhy Keyboard YouTube Reviews in June 2023

NuPhy Enters the Gaming Market - Field75 Wireless Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

"Field75 is NuPhy's first wireless mechanical gaming keyboard, which uses 1000 Hz polling rate over 2.4G to create a great 75% gaming keyboard. It is going to be a gaming keyboard for me, I want the absolute fastest response time, so I chose Cherry speed silver switch, which is very fast gaming switch with a sort of a low actuation points. We've also got 8 G Keys which can be customized in the NuPhy console software."



NuPhy Field75 Unboxing, First Impressions and Sound Test

"NuPhy Field75 is a 75 keyboard with hot-swappable socket, tri-mode connectivity, PBT keycaps and 4200 mAh of battery, N-Key Rollover and 8 customizable buttons that are targeted towards PC Gamers. It is more aggressive, more steampunk or more a gamery aesthetic compared to other keyboards. The wireless performance, especially with the 2.4 gigahertz is good enough for competitive gaming."



NuPhy Halo96 vs Air96 - High Profile vs Low Profile

"Both NuPhy Air75 and Keychron K3 Pro keyboards have Gateron low-profile 2.0 Brown switches. However, there are differences in keycaps and construction, resulting in a distinct typing experience. K3 Pro lacks the deeper, thockier sound associated with Air75. In terms of RGB lighting, both keyboards are comparable, featuring multiple modes. However, Air75 gains an advantage with its 2.4 gigahertz wireless connectivity, which provides a more reliable and stable connection."



NuPhy Halo65 Keyboard - Have It All While Going Small!

"Halo65 is an awesome option for gaming especially with Gateron brown switches and the N-Key rollover support. The sound of the brown switches is definitely a bit more crisp and sharp when compared to NuPhy's GhostBar which has more of a dull type of noise. If you're looking for a 65 layout keyboard, this is probably one of the best options out there."



FINAL DREAM Study Room & Desk Setup Makeover 2023

"I am looking for a prebuilt custom mechanical keyboard with the numpad. Looking at the online reviews, and of course the aesthetics design, I decided to try out Halo96 from NuPhy. The keyboard totally exceeds my expectations, fantastic typing experience. I go with tactile switches, the Rose Glacier. The RGB lighting gives a nice lighting effect."



NuPhy Halo75 Review - The Value King!

"I have tried Rose Glacier switches, they're definitely not a soft rounded tactile bump like a classic Gateron Brown switch. And the Gateron Baby Raccoons that I have in it right now are also really nice. Another Pro would be the RGBs. If you don't like your backlighting to be full RGB, you can set it to just white. I love the 2.4 gigahertz wireless receiver that the Halo series comes with. It is a more stable connection than Bluetooth, and it's also lower latency than Bluetooth."


 Best Keyboards for 2023 - Budget to Premium

"Air75 is a low-profile mechanical keyboard, interestingly, this is cheaper than the Logitech MX mechanical. I feel like it feels more premium. You can switch the keycaps and even change the switches entirely, as it's hot-swappable. It has Bluetooth, and you can connect up to four different devices. One feature this has is the full RGB lighting effects."



NuPhy Air75 vs Keychron K3 Pro - Best 75% Low Profile Keyboard

"Both Air96 and Halo96 offer wireless connectivity for up to 4 devices. Both of them are available with Gateron 2.0 factory pre-lubed switches, providing options for linear or tactile switches. A general difference between low-profile and high-profile keyboards is that low-profile keycaps don't come in the same wide range of styles and varieties as high-profile keycaps. There aren't nearly as many low-profile options on the market as high profile keycaps. The same can be said for switches. While it is a tough decision, especially if you're considering the Air96 and Halo96, these are both excellent keyboards."


10 Everyday Tech Gadgets You’ll WANT to Get!

"NuPhy Air75 keyboard is an extra slim go anywhere mechanical keyboard that has one of the best typing experiences for a pre-built keyboard of this size. It's one of the best portable keyboards that I've used, it fits well in a daily bag and it even sits over 13 to 14 inch laptops so you're able to get work done on small cafe tables or other hot desks."



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