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NuPhy Halo75 V2 Keycaps (Pre-Order)

NuPhy Halo75 V2 Keycaps (Pre-Order)

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Canopus Shine-through Cherry


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A new height to reach new heights.

Introducing mSA, the high-profile sibling of our much imitated nSA profile, which after more than two years of development has now became available for Halo users. Small tweaks are many: a little adjustment to the SA height for more ergonomics, the larger round surface and symmetric design are a nod to the nSA. What is difficult to miss however, even in darkness, are the light emitting homing bars, illuminated by south-facing LEDs they are designed to be just bright enough to help with the guidance without being distractive.


The dark side goes bright. South facing shine through keycaps are awesome, they let out mesmerising lights and pleasant sounds without the physical contact problem, have great switch compatibilities...except that they didn't exist, until now. As the first set of south facing shine through keycaps, bold fonts and audacious colorways are chosen to match its disruptiveness. Coated with an equally groundbreaking technique, Canopus shine-through keycaps will shine on your desktop like never before.

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